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MVM Headband

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Ready yourself for all the challenges that will come your way and carry with you the support from one strong community of fighters. You are born to win and we are here to see you become the champion. Wearing this MVM headband while you make your way to the top will be one of our proudest moments as a brand who embodies the spirit of a fighter.


Made from top quality materials, you will never get disappointed with how this headband will accompany you through victory. Carrying the colors of the Mexican flag, it will inspire you to call forth the spirit of the fighters that we salute for their tenacity, strength, and willpower to push through and stand up after being knocked down many times.


  • Super Comfortable Fit
  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Holds the Mexican Flag Colors
  • Built to Endure


Order now and become an even stronger member of the MVM community.