MVM Mexican “CALIGRAFFITI” Men’s Rash Guard
MVM Mexican “CALIGRAFFITI” Men’s Rash Guard

Me Vale Madre®

MVM Mexican “CALIGRAFFITI” Men’s Rash Guard

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Imagine owning a grappling shirt for Jiu Jitsu that has the ability to motivate you with the willpower coming from an entire community of fighters? That would be the dream of any fighter who is faced with the most challenging opponent. And we are here to make that dream come true for you.


The entire MVM community is here to support every step you will make towards reaching the life you desire. Fight with pride and represent your colors with the graffiti design of this shirt that embraces the green, white, and red hues that are identical to the ones on the Mexican flag.


  • Premium Polyester Material
  • 4 Way Stretch Fabric
  • Masterfully Sewn Seams
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Moisture Wicking


Order now and become an even stronger member of the MVM community.