Marce "PITBULL" Rojo t-Shirt
Marce "PITBULL" Rojo t-Shirt

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Marce "PITBULL" Rojo t-Shirt

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You have a goal, and it is to go up the ranks in your own playing field. As we bring you this collaboration with one of the famous names in the MMA world, we hope it will ignite a flame inside of you that will make you want to push through the challenging times.


This PRIDE FC era fan turned fighter himself offered a touch of his courageous spirit on this shirt designed for you. Let it be your reminder that both your strengths and weaknesses can push you towards the life you desire for yourself. Just as Marcelo Rojo used his infamous reputation as his way to make his mark on the world of MMA.


  • Premium Tri-Blend Material
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


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