Marce "PITBULL" Rojo short sleeve t-shirt
Marce "PITBULL" Rojo short sleeve t-shirt

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Marce "PITBULL" Rojo short sleeve t-shirt

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Designed by Marce "PITBULL" Rojo himself. This is the second collaboration of PITBULL~X~ME Vale Madre. Fighting your way up to the ranks is no stranger to most of us. Be it in sports or in our own field of expertise, there certainly are days when we called in and summoned our animal spirit to help us get through. 


Marce “PITBULL” Rojo is no different. He literally fought his way to the UFC and now has amassed a massive following of passionate fans. This Marce “PITBULL” Rojo-X-Me Vale Madre collaboration boasts a blush color that will give you utmost comfort while you fight for the desires you want in life.


  • Premium Tri-Blend Material
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


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